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How To Find The Best Cell Phone Choices For Today's Kids

If you are like most parents, your kids want to be able to have a cell phone to talk to their friends. You might also be interested in their having one so that you will be able to reach them. You will feel safer, too, knowing that your child can contact help in times of emergency. For all these reasons, you may be in the market for a child's cell phone if your child doesn't already have one.There are several different options to choose when you are looking to buy your child's cell phone. There are different features on the various phones. Some will make you happy, and others will be specifically designed to please the kids. Exploring all the different phone choices will allow you to make the best selections.The Cingular Firefly has been a best-selling kids' phone for awhile now. It is a simple phone for kids to use. It has been designed with kids aged five years and up in mind. Because of that, it couldn't be easier to dial or charge. The battery can hold up to about seven hours of talking. It is a...


Are Cheap Cell Phones With Limited Features Really A Bargain?

The old thinking of just having a cell phone to have one is over, people need their cell phones to function well every day. Cell phones have become a need for parents needing to know where their kids are and small business and other people as well. People who work as a business will need their cell phones to communicate better. Even kids and teenagers need a cell phone to get in touch with friends and family. The days are gone when cell phones were expensive to have and you couldn't afford a phone or a plan. Now all kinds and sorts of cell phones are on the market today.Over the years cell phone companies made cheap cell phones to flood the market now they have flooded the market with high tech phones and devices to go along with them. You may be one of those people who have an iPhone from apple which is an MP3 player and internet and TV or maybe you are just looking for a phone to get by with. Knowing what you need and when you will need it will help you out when looking for a cell phone. If you buy a cheap...


How To Be A Safe Driver While Still Being Available On Your Cell Phone

Cell phones are great communication tools to carry around with you when you are out and about. You can use them to carry on business, contact friends, or in case of emergencies. However, in many places now, the use of cell phones is not permitted while driving. Even where there is no such law, it is still a dangerous situation.You need to find other ways to conduct cell phone business while you are out rather than driving down the road talking on the phone. Whether you are answering the cell phone or making a call, there are other ways to accomplish the same thing without putting your life and the lives of others in danger. It is good to get into the habit of using these methods whenever you are driving.One simple solution is to request that your passenger answer or make calls for you. If your cell phone rings, your passenger can find out for you who is calling and what they want. Then, they can relay any messages you want to tell that person. Also, if you realize that you need to make a call, your pa...


Commercial space travel: A peek into its near future

When The Dragon, SpaceX's unmanned spacecraft, successfully docked at the International Space Station in May this year with a cargo of supplies for the station, the whole world was impressed. What was particularly impressive about this feat was that for the first time in the history of space exploration a privately-owned vehicle had taken off successfully and delivered a payload to the space station. Keen observers have applauded this accomplishment because the company, SpaceX, has beaten a path where none existed before; it has ably shown the world that a private enterprise can surmount all the hurdles inherent to space travel and successfully launch space vehicles. Thomas Zurbuchen, professor of space science at University of Michigan, was exuberant in telling TechNewsWorld that the launch was an 'amazingly huge success'. He lauded The Dragon as both a scientific and entrepreneurial success.Professor Zurbuchen isn't the only person ecstatic at the possibilities of commercial space travel as there are many o...


Space Shuttle Retirement: Why is NASA cancelling the Shuttle?

After almost 30 years, NASA's space shuttle program is ending. NASA is cancelling its space shuttle program and the space shuttles will be retired. There will be no more space shuttle flights after 2010, unless NASA extends some of the remaining 6 missions into the year 2011. The space shuttle era is coming to an end.As the world's first reusable spacecraft, the space shuttle has been able to accomplish things that no other spacecraft can do. The space shuttle can launch like a rocket, maneuver in orbit like a spacecraft, and then land on a runway like an airplane. NASA's space shuttle is the first space vehicle ever developed that can bring large satellites up into orbit and then also bring them down from orbit and back to Earth.Even though it is the most complex spacecraft ever designed and built, the space shuttle has been a hard worker. Heavy space station modules, parts, and supplies have been ferried to the International Space Station in the shuttle's large cargo bay. Since the first shuttle flight on A...


Beamed Energy Propulsion and Space: an Introduction

This brief note is about Beamed Energy Propulsion (BEP), which is, actually, a rocket science. However, you dont have to be a rocket scientist in order to understand what it is about, it is simple and I will explain it to you in next few paragraphs.It is all about rockets. What everyone knows about them? On Earth motion is based on pushing from the medium, wherever the motion takes places: cars pushing from pavement by wheels, swimmers pushing from water by limbs, etc. Rockets fly in space and space is mostly a vacuum, it is empty. Rockets move in space using reactive principle, i.e. exhausting hot gases (backward) and pushing away from exhaust in opposite direction (forward). Rockets have to carry all their fuel and burning agent onboard, because there is nothing in space that can be used for burning fuel (like air for burning gasoline in automobiles on earth). Rockets cargo space is very expensive. Why? Because with so many elements onboard: fuel, oxidizer, cryogenics, tanks, lines, you name it, the...


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